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Property for sale in Midrand

Property for sale in Midrand
Property for sale in Midrand

Property for sale in Midrand

Property for sale in Midrand

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Listing an extensive range of houses, flats, bungalows, land and retirement homes, Property for sale in Midrand makes it easy for you to find your next happy home regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer, upsizing, downsizing or relocating to gauteng or particularly in Midrand. To ensure that you find a home near work or schools check our reliable records with over 300 listings on our database.

About Midrand

Midrand is a thriving business hub situated along the N1 highway between Sandton and Centurion. Although its central location makes it an ideal destination for corporate travellers, Midrand remains a popular equestrian region with residential country estates and quiet back roads where tourists and holidaymakers can easily get away from the city.

Midrand has experienced a great deal of growth and modernisation in the last decade, mainly due to its excellent highway links. It is fast becoming a business nucleus large enough to rival that of Sandton – without the high rises – and there is now little break between the outskirts of Johannesburg and those of Pretoria more the reason to find Property for sale in Midrand.

 Advantages of living in Midrand

  • Strategically between Sandton and Centurion – It easy to commute between Sandton and Centurion as there is a gautrain route.
  • Quiet back roads – For those families that need a break from the city they can camp in the country as there are quiet back roads.
  • Gautrain Services – Business executives and tourists also have easy access to the Gautrain with a station near the Grand Central Airport.

Property for sale in Midrand is more an investment than anything else, if you ever wanted to purchase property it is the right investment that you could possibly make.

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