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Car Auctions in Johannesburg

car auctions in johannesburg
car auctions in johannesburg

Cars auctions in johannesburg

Car Auctions in Johannesburg Tips

Car Auctions in Johannesburg – Tips for buying a car for a graduate

Whether your child is graduating from high school or from university, used Car Auctions in Johannesburg buying tips can be helpful when choosing just the right pre owned vehicle  for your new graduate.

The first thing you need to know for the car auction is the input from your graduate to be. You need to know what types of cars he/she likes. If you want it to be a surprise, there are ways to get the info you need for example by asking questions while driving together pointing out cars making comments like “that fiesta looks good… what do you think?”  or ” if you were to buy yourself another car, what would it be?”

Second, once you’ve narrowed your choices, start ranking them in terms of safety, cost of insurance and mileage  – focusing on those that have high crash rating, safety marks and cost of insurance in terms of make of vehicle and age of driver. Normally insurance is high for fast cars being driven by drivers under the age of 25.

Third, check out consumer reports and reviews on cars seeing the used vehicles reliability. This is something definitely worth checking, especially for college-bound graduates who are moving away from home.

The fourth and final point of advice offered by Car Auctions in Johannesburg  to look at before visiting any car auctions is fuel efficiency of the car in mind. Even though petrol prices have fallen over the last year. Bear in mind that four-cylinder engines typically (but not always) offer the best fuel economy.

At Car Auctions in Johannesburg you can find the best advice on new and pre owned vehicles and car auctions near you. We’re excited for your graduate – and hope you’ll trust Auctions in Johannesburg with finding the most convenient car auctions near you. 

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