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Art auctions in johannesburg

Art auctions in johannesburg
Art auctions in johannesburg

Art auctions in johannesburg

Art auctions in johannesburg

Art auctions in johannesburg offers a huge range and depth of expert knowledge and experience, from large a number of art galleries across jozi. Many of the art pieces will be posted on our landing pages, but in many cases you may well want to view in person.  All of our Art auctions in johannesburg have a specified viewing period in advance of the sale, when you can fully inspect the items before you even make a bid.

Make sure you inspect the items in which you are interested in buying, to ensure that they suit your expectations, and decide what you are prepared to pay for them.  Auction regulars will tell you that it is essential to decide your budget’ before buying, to avoid getting carried away once you are bidding for the item that you desire!

Bidding Process

If you have decided to bid for yourself raise your hand the auctioneer will know if you are making a bid!  When your item is offered, it will be viewed on a large TV screen for all to see. The auctioneer will begin the bidding at a low price, gradually raising the price by increments as he receives bids.  When you bid, raise your hand.  Repeat until you reach your budget / limit.

When successful

Tell the auctioneer your bidding number by showing your card.  He will make a note of the price, and your bidding number, which is then sent to the auction office for processing.  When you present your bidding card at the office, your bill will be prepared, and once you have paid, you present your receipt to one of our porters, who will clear your item for you.

We hope to see you at one of our Joburg auctions.

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