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Auctions in Johannesburg – General Tips

The auction process can be a daunting and emotional experience, however being armed with a solid strategy may help you to come out a winner on the big day. Auction Panda can help you find the best Auctions in Johannesburg to suit what you are looking for. This article is going to give you solid tips for auctions in Johannesburg.

Auction is an ever-popular method of selling property, vehicles and goods particularly when the market is strong and sellers are confident that their entities will fetch a good price. One of the benefits of successfully bidding at auction is that you get a definite result.

The main tip anyone will give you when it comes to auctions is know how much you are willing to spend and stop bidding when you reach that number. Make sure you are financially prepared and your finances are in order before the auction day.

A useful tip to consider before attending auctions in Johannesburg is to start studying, in other words before you start bidding on a object or asset for example property, you should try to develop a realistic understanding of  its true market value. Properties that are sold at auction (unless advertised differently) are subject to a reserve price – the minimum price that the person selling the property will be prepared to accept. The agent cannot disclose the reserve price, so it’s up to you to monitor the prices properties in the area have recently sold for.

“Practice makes perfect”Attend as many auctions in Johannesburg as possible to familiarise yourself with the procedures, rules and regulations and take special note of the strategies implemented by the winning bidder. This will also give you a realistic insight into the prices properties are advertised for and the prices they actually sell for.

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Auctions in Johannesburg

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